MVP Development

Our MVP development offerings assist entrepreneurs in swiftly confirming the viability of their business concepts while conserving time and resources.

Custom-tailored MVP development services at Excel Engine.

Excel Engine offers comprehensive services for developing minimum viable products. From web-based solutions to cross-platform applications, we provide full coverage. With a skilled team of over 60 experienced professionals, we support you through every phase of MVP development.

MVP consulting

Excel Engine brings seasoned experts to your side, offering top-notch consulting services for MVP development tailored to your business's unique requirements. Employing industry-best practices and strategies, we elevate your MVP solution from mere survival to remarkable success.

Product Discovery

Product discovery is an essential MVP development service. We conduct market research and test different hypotheses. This enables us to build the MVP that brings the most value to your business and your customers.

MVP product design (UI/UX)

Quality minimum viable product design with Excel Engine builds trust. To stay in game, you should have a product with effective UX and UI. With us, you get a usable and appealing digital product that can be transformed into a profitable venture.

MVP web development

The proven and efficient technologies are the core of the MVP product development with Codica. Our expereicned specialists help you build a secure and high-quality product within a short time. So, your product will be released as quickly as possible.

MVP app development

At Codica, our mobile app development specialists assist our clients in implementing their bold business ideas. We provide clients with top-quality MVP mobile solutions with core functions that satisfy users and strengthen customers’ awareness of your brand.

MVPs for different industries

Our team has a proven track record of creating successful MVP products for businesses worldwide, allowing us to harness our extensive multi-domain expertise for each new project.

Online marketplaces

We have vast experience in mobile application development. So, we can develop a mobile solution that meets your unique business needs and workflows for any domain.


As skilled progressive web app developers, we can create a PWA solution for your business. Thus, you can enhance brand awareness and connect with customers.


As skilled progressive web app developers, we can create a PWA solution for your business. Thus, you can enhance brand awareness and connect with customers.


We have vast experience in mobile application development. So, we can develop a mobile solution that meets your unique business needs and workflows for any domain.


As skilled progressive web app developers, we can create a PWA solution for your business. Thus, you can enhance brand awareness and connect with customers.


As skilled progressive web app developers, we can create a PWA solution for your business. Thus, you can enhance brand awareness and connect with customers.


Our quality experts will analyze your business idea, conceptualize your project, and offer tech solutions to help you get the best value from your product.


We’re a top provider of custom online marketplaces for various sectors of businesses that drive massive traffic and satisfy plenty of users.


With our SaaS development services, you will get a custom SaaS solution enabling you to provide cutting-edge technologies to your online environment.

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Who benefits from using an MVP in product development?

The MVP development process yields a foundational web solution that can evolve into a fully-fledged product. This MVP model is suitable for enterprises of all types, whether it’s a startup exploring business prospects or an established company introducing a new product.

MVP Development Catered to Startups

When it comes to startup MVP development services, our experts dedicate maximum effort to market analysis and planning. The goal of our MVP development service is to validate your idea and align it with the current market demands. We'll craft the perfect MVP for you, giving you the best opportunity to attract potential investors and foster business growth.

MVP creation tailored for medium-sized enterprises

Our MVP development services ensure fast delivery and cost-effectiveness for your business. With our agile approach, we carefully manage the development process to minimize defects and offer both the MVP and comprehensive test coverage before your product launch. This enhances the customer experience and prevents resource wastage.

MVP tailored to the needs of small enterprises

While expanding a small business may seem daunting, starting with MVP development can make the journey smoother. At Codica, we consistently select the best development path and a tried-and-true tech stack to enhance the customer experience while minimizing effort, saving you both time and budget.

MVP development for enterprises

We specialize in crafting MVPs tailored to enterprise needs, honing in on their unique corporate IT landscape. Our seasoned experts excel at evolving MVPs into sophisticated, market-ready, fully-functional products. Furthermore, we design user-friendly UI and UX experiences to not only attract initial MVP users but also retain them as loyal customers.

The Advantages of MVP Development for Your Business

The MVP (minimum viable product) approach is the optimal strategy for launching new products, enabling rapid hypothesis testing without major financial commitments. MVP entails creating a product with the minimal features necessary to fulfill the needs of early users. As a result, you can expedite the development of your core product and launch it, significantly diminishing time-to-market.

Launch quickly

You don't need to invest extensive time and resources in building a fully-fledged product. We focus solely on developing the core functionality.

Minimize costs

Reduced functionality translates to lower development costs and a more manageable budget. It's an optimal approach to validate your concept affordably.

Test idea fast

Solicit input from early adopters and make a determination on whether to scale your product further or discontinue the concept.

Agile development approach: from MVP to a full-scale product

From our experience, we advise our startup clients to adopt agile methodology. This approach allows for early results, facilitates ongoing adjustments, and crucially, lowers the cost of developing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) software services.

Weekly sprints

Breaking the process into sprints enables us to track progress and outcomes at every development stage.

Daily standups

During our daily meetings, we discuss progress and plan the next steps for sprint delivery.

Strong communications

Broad engagement with clients helps us to build great solutions that meet clients’ needs.

Constant retrospectives

At the end of each sprint, we analyze gained results and set actions for future improvements.

Skilled project manager

In-house PM helps control the development process so a client gets a successful product.

Transparent development process

With our best practices and tools, we can avoid tech risks while writing the code and make it resistant to faults.

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Accelerate your product launch with Excel Engine

As an MVP software development firm, we have a deep affinity for technology and innovation. Our greatest passion lies in assisting startups in transforming their ideas into reality.

One of the most prevalent reasons for startup failures is the absence of a market need. Consequently, every startup, regardless of its industry and background, faces a common challenge: how to validate its hypothesis while working within tight budget constraints and deadlines.

At Prospect Engine, we empathize with your concerns. When offering MVP development services, we leverage our extensive expertise across various domains. This allows us to bypass the learning curve and deliver your minimum viable product within your specified budget and timeline.

In our MVP development process, we embrace the build-measure-learn approach, an integral part of the lean startup methodology. This methodology helps you reduce uncertainties, control costs, and expedite your product’s release.

Rokibul Hasan

CEO at Excel Engine

“The MVP model is a fantastic approach to introduce a new digital product to the market, and it’s been validated by numerous successful businesses. Renowned companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Amazon, Buffer, Uber, and Dropbox all began by crafting a Minimum Viable Product that encompassed only essential functionality.

When it comes to Excel Engine’s experience in MVP software development, we take pride in noting that our startup clients have secured over $32 million in investment. We are eager to assist your company in becoming the next success story.”


A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the simplest version of a new product that can be released to gather early customer feedback for future improvements.

We suggest creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) because it provides quick value, cuts down on development costs, and gathers user insights useful for improving subsequent versions.
Ongoing maintenance and support are critical for the success of custom software. Once the software is deployed, regular updates, bug fixes, and improvements are necessary to adapt to changing business needs and technology advancements. A dedicated support team ensures that your software remains secure, performs efficiently, and stays up-to-date with the latest industry standards. It’s an investment in the longevity and success of your custom software solution.